Claire Tabouret

understanding of a touch of paint

snow in the desert photo nick massey

A woman in white walks amongst a sandy landscape. The blue of the sky screams twilight: where the purple haze echoes the forms of the foliage beyond. The canvas drips with colour and glows with glory. The yellow dots perhaps portray the glistening efforts of a starry sky, a fleet of fireflies – or better yet – snow in the desert”.

 Her stride is strong. Central to the frame, her figure brings out a radiance that is frequent in Tabouret’s paintings. A nostalgic flickering of a figure: evoking movement and importance.

It is the orange, the coral and the yellow. Without which, a sense of sunset, a sense of delight and of serenity would not abode. In harmony with the touches of purple – a sensation fills your soul.

 It is this colour, this  understanding of a touch of paint which makes Claire Tabouret an acclaimed artist. A large portion of her work depicts the portraits of women and girls with all the same key elements of the painting above:

Importance, Identity, Beauty and Nostalgia.

A striking stroke of colour across the lips illustrates the smearing of makeup; where the brush stains the skin and where painting inside the lines no longer matters. It is here that her paintings evoke two different emotions.

 The first is of fun, childish memories: where little girls left alone with their mothers’ makeup attempt to mimic their icons – their women.

Nostalgic recollections of lipstick running across both cheeks and eye shadow on your eyebrows.

 The second is of identity and imperfection. Where the smearing of lipstick could represent distain, blemishes or brutality. 

Beauty or blood

 Is makeup an outlet of creativity, like painting?

Or is makeup a mask?


An expression of a woman’s identity?

Or a facade for another? An all-too-human foible.


The portraits allude deep emotion: feelings that range from shaken to strength.

 Claire Tabouret, Makeup (The Queen), 2016. Acrylique sur bois. 61 x 41,5 cm. Photo - bluntbangs.bizs.

We begin to question what is it to be innocent, what is to be woman. What it is to see yourself in a different way than others see you. 

Importance, Identity, Beauty and Nostalgia.


Claire Tabouret

Claire Tabouret was born in Pertuis, France and now lives and works in L.A  

Selected solo exhibitions:


YUZ Museum, Shanghai, China (forthcoming)
Friche la Belle de Mai, curated by Public Fiction, Marseille, France (forthcoming)
Neptune, curated by Frédéric Bouglé, Le Creux de l’Enfer, Thiers, France (forthcoming)
One day I broke a mirror,alongside Yoko Ono and curated by Chiara Parisi, Villa Medici, Rome, Italy
Eclipse, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Battlegrounds, Galerie Bugada & Cargnel, Paris, France
Sparkling Ghosts, Museo Pietro Canonica à Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy
Because of You, SADE Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Duel au soleil, curated by Magalie Gentet, Le Parvis centre d’art contemporain, Tarbes, France
Les Débutantes, Galerie Bugada et Cargnel, Paris, France


Le regard, dedans, dehors, curated by Philippe Piguet, Chapelle de La Visitation, Thonon-Les-Bains, France


Prosôpon, Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Paris, France
Les Insoumis, Agnès b, Paris, France
De l’autre côté, Espace d’Art Contemporain Les Roches, Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, France Sous les eaux, Voyons voir, Art contemporain et territoire, Aix-en-Provence, France


C’était le printemps, Yishu 8, Beijing, China
L’île, Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Paris, France


Le carré noir, Amiens, Octobre


Où est passée la journée d’hier?, Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Paris, France


L’Orangerie, Château de la Louvière, Montluçon, France

Images in order of appearance:

Feature image: Sitting, 2016, 230 x 300cm, acrylic on canvas

  1. Snow in the desert, 2017, 230 x 330cm, acrylic on canvas
  2. Makeup (Magenta lipstick), 2017, 50.8 x 40.64 x 2.54 cm, acrylic on wood
  3. Makeup (lipstick and dots), 2017, 50.8 x 40.6 x 2.5 cm, acrylic on wood
  4. Makeup (Froufrou), 2016, 51 x 40.5 cm, acrylic on wood
  5. Le maquillage, 2015, 31 x 23 cm, acyrlic on wood
  6. Makeup (Blue Bow), 2016, 61 x 41.5 cm, acrylic on wood
  7. Makeup (Orange Lipstick), 2016, 61 x 41.5 cm, acrylic on wood
  8. Makeup (Blue eyeshadow), 2016
  9. Makeup (Purple Tee-Shirt), 2016
  10. Makeup (Purple Lipstick), 2016, 61 x 41.5 cm, acrylic on wood
  11. Makeup (Curly Hair), 2016, 61 x 41.5 cm, acrylic on wood
  12. Makeup (The Queen), 2016, 61 x 41.5 cm, acrylic on wood
  13. Makeup (red and purple), 2016, 61 x 41.5 cm, acrylic on wood
  14. Makeup (red mouth)
  15. (below) Makeup (Blue Cheeks), 2016, 61 x 45.72 cm, acrylic on wood

Photo credits to Claire Tabouret, Nick Massey and


Works on sale can be found at Artsy and Bugada and Cargnel


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